Terms and Conditions of Yokota Pearls

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本真珠専門店 ヨコタパール

We are a company located in Kobe, Japan, exporting Akoya Tahitian Blace and South Sea cultured pearls.

Yokota Pearls, Inc. operates in accordance with Japanese commercial law.

Japanese commercial law requires that all mail-order businesses display the following information:

Name of retail business: Yokota Pearls, Inc.
President: Hiroshi Yokota
Administrative Director: Nobuyuki Yokota

Physical Address: 5-21 Hanakuma-Cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, JAPAN 650-0013
Phone: +81-78-380-0209
E-Mail: info@yokota-pearl.co.jp

Establishing the Contract

The sales contract is established when the confirmation e-mail from Yokota Pearls is delivered to the client’s mail server.

Delivery Time

Generally within ten (10) to twenty (20) days.

We make each item after receiving an order from a client, after which we prepare the merchandise for export.
For this reason, it may take a few extra days to ship overseas orders.


When a certain product is out of stock, we will make note of it on our website. For other inquiries related to availability, please contact us.

Order Validity

Yokota Pearls, Inc. Reserves the right to cancel an order if payment information is not received from the client within fourteen (14) days from the date on which the original order was placed. (This does not apply to cases in which we are in ongoing contact with the client regarding some aspect of the sale.)

Method of Payment

Yokota Pearls can accept

PayPal (Any Crrencies)
VISA/Master (Japanese Yen)
Bank tTransfers (US Dollars, Euro, and Japanese Yen)

*Your credit card number is a very important piece of personal information. For your safety, Yokota Pearls uses SSL-encrypted order forms for online orders, and we accept orders by fax. Please, never send credit card numbers via e-mail!

Please note that we can only accept credit card orders from the individual whose name appears on the card.

When paying by credit card, please keep in mind that availability of credit can vary by individual client, as well as by issuing company. If you have any doubts, please check with your credit card company before making an order.

Method of Delivery

We ship via FedEx.
Unfortunately, there are a few areas to which we are unable to ship merchandise. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us.

Sales Tax

No sales tax will be added to overseas orders.

Delivery Charges

Delivery charges will be payed by Yokota Pearls. (Customer do not need to pay Delivery Charges)
*Except Wholesale and Made-to-Order

Delivery Insurance

Yokota Pearls insures all merchandise before sending, at our own expense.

Additional Fees

You may be required to pay import duties.

Returns and Exchanges

If any intelligent reasons, or the merchadise we shipped was defective, the client may return it within seven days since the arrival date for a refund of the purchased price.

(The merchandise must be unused and in its original condition, and must be never deposited with a third party.)

Good Reasons:

* The merchandise was not the one I ordered.
* The length was different from the one I ordered.
* The merchandise was defective.

NG Reasons:

* I don't like this.
* I gave it to her, but she didn't like it.
* I wanted this when I had ordered, but I changed my mind.
* "This is not High Quality." despite you ordered middle-grade pearls.

Shipping Fees (Returns)

If any intelligent reasons, or if the merchandise was defective, Yokota Pearls will cover the cost of return shipping. If a return is made for any other reason, we ask that the client ship their own merchandise.

Return Procedures

If you would like to return an item, please inform us of your decision via e-mail as soon as possible. Please, always send returns via an international express carrier, such as UPS or FedEx, never via regular mail. Before send, please wrap/pack the merchandise as it was originally. After shipping, please tell us the tracking number. After we have confirmed delivery, we can begin the refund procedure.

About Refunds

If your return can be processed before your credit card transaction is processed, the transaction will be cancelled, and no money will be withdrawn from your account. If your transaction has already been processed, your account will be charged. In this case, Yokota Pearls will refund the money to your credit card account within two (2) months.

If you wish to exchange merchandise, we will cancel the charge to your credit card as soon as we have received the returned item(s), and charge for the new amount when we send the new item(s). We will request that you pay the import tax as soon as the new mechandise arrives.

If the return is being made for reasons other than defective merchandise, we will still cancel the charge to your credit card immediately; we are unable, however, to return the import tax you will already have paid. Concerning the refund of the import tax you paid, please contact the customs in your country. Thank you for your understanding.

Privacy Policy

We at Yokota Pearls, Inc. respect the rights of our customers. Your private information is viewed only by employees handling your transaction. Client information is never sold or otherwise transmitted to outside organizations.