We hope to be an honest pearl spplier. of Yokota Pearls

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本真珠専門店 ヨコタパール

We are a company located in Kobe, Japan, exporting Akoya Tahitian Blace and South Sea cultured pearls.

We Hope to be An Honest Pearl Supplier.

When we opened our website, there were only a few websites specializing in pearls in Japan. (Not validated but we think we were one of 2 websites concerning cultured pearls in Japan.)

After a decade or more, there are hundreds of websites about cultured pearls on the internet.

During this term, by some reasons like deflation, Yen appreciation, etc., Cultured pearls have gotten caught in a price war like other products.

For example, once you search with the word "pearl necklace" at a major internet shopping site, you'll see a lot of products bearing "Hanadama".
Then most of people sort by price.

From the point of seller's view, we have to cut any running costs as much as possible, and try to price our products competitively as much as possible.

However, sellers should not exploit customer's mind that is "want a good product as low as possible."

It may be strange that we say such like this, but cultured pearl is one of the products that have some possibility of exploiting customer's mind like above.

As there are not any generated criteria in the world, and there are some things that can not be distinguished by any scientific methods, any one can use the words like "High Quality", "Rare" etc. without any permissions.

Pearl farmers always always cost big money and spend a lot of time and care on cultivating. But unfortunately, truly high quality pearls are only a few in the total crops.

Such a handful pearls have strong competitiveness against other gem stones, never be gotten caught in a price war.

"Rare" pearls are "Precious". Comparisons are not searched easily.

Not only the words, for staging to look rare pearls sold at low prices, we have heard some sellers fake "Chinese Akoya as Japanese Akoya", "dyed pearls as natural", "South-Sea pearl as Akoya pearl", in addition to "the certificate was not issued for the belonged pearl originally"(the original pearl was replaced something low quality pearl).

This is the reality of a compartment of pearl market.

The only person who knows "the pearls are genuine Japanese Aoya", "the pearls are absolutely not dyed" is buyer. So customers can not but trust the buyer including the confidence of his product sources.

We can't offer "The Lowest Price in the Market" because that is not our goal. We are convinced that we should buy only good origin pearls, explain the quality rigorously, and sell at reasonable prices.

Pearl is the symbol of pure and innocent. Pearl is not suited to lie and cheat.

We keep making an effort to that the name "Yokota Pearls" is one of the evidences of good origin pearls.