Yokota Pearls from Japan Specializing in Exporting Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl

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本真珠専門店 ヨコタパール

We are a company located in Kobe, Japan, exporting Akoya, Tahitian Black and South Sea cultured pearls.

本真珠専門店 ヨコタパール
Yokota Pearls specializing in Japanese AKoya Pearls

We are a professional pearl exporter with over 50 years of experiences, and have been selling over the internet over 19 years.
You can import quality pearls from one of the long established Pearl Supplier in Japan .


Yokota Pearls

  • There are some criteria that decide pearl quality. Pearl price come from the blend of each criterion. So the balance of quality and price is one of important things when buying pearls. We offer the best pearl for every buyers with hearing customer's request one by one. We have experienced e-commerce for more than 16 years in addition to exporting experience for over 50 years. You can buy at Yokota Pearls with trust.
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Clarify the Relation between Price and Quality

  • High quality and low price never go together. Pearl farmers always cost big money and spend a lot of time and care on cultivating. even though, unfortunately, truly high quality pearls are only a few in the total crops. We try to supply quality pearls at reasonable price, on another front, we think we have to send a message that "high quality and low price never go together" as a company specializing in pearls.

If you are looking for a reliable pearl supplier, feel free to inquire us at any time.
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For Our Retail Customers

We can supply our finished products to our retail customers directly from Japan with full service at reasonable prices.

Regarding our products for retail customers, check our ebay store.

We can adjust the length, or can sell only necklaces. Also, we can make your necklace according to your request.

Feel free to ask us about our availability via e-mail

By something reason like you don't have ebay account etc. feel free to inquire via e-mail. We can accept your order directly and you can make a payment by paypal.

Or you can contact us by facebook messenger.
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Feel free to ask me about cultured pearls at any time.
Feel free to ask me

Japan Pearl Promotion Society Certified Senior Adviser
Director: Nobuyuki Yokota

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Our Founder

In the 1960's, our founder Minoru Yokota presented a string of cultured pearls to the 12,000,000th visitor to the New York World's Fair, as a president of the Japan Cultured Pearl Exprters' Association.

August 1966
East Meets West on the occasion of the "the largest single shipment of pearls out of Japan in the history of the industry".

He had been a president of the Japan Pearl Exporters Assosiation for over 10 years from 1950's to 1960's.