How to Maintain Pearl Accessories of Yokota Pearls

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We are a company located in Kobe, Japan, exporting Akoya Tahitian Blace and South Sea cultured pearls.

How to Maintain Pearl Accessories

1)Avoid keeping pearls together with hard gems and precious metals.

The surface of a pearl is not as hard as those of other types of jewelry. If pearls come into contact with these objects, they can scratch very easily.

2) Remove pearl accessories before working around water.

Water is not good for pearls, to say nothing of soaps, bleach, and other substances that may happen to be present. On a related note, it is wise to carefully wipe your pearls with a soft, dry cloth after wearing. Even the most fastidious wearer cannot prevent a bit of natural perspiration, and taking care to keep the pearls dry will preserve their beauty.

3) Be especially careful around vinegar and fruit juices.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that vinegar and acidic fruit juices are the natural enemies of pearls. If these liquids should come into contact with the pearls, clean the pearls immediately with a soft, dry cloth to avoid discoloration.

4) Avoid using volatile cosmetics while wearing pearl accessories.

As with vinegar and fruit juice, pearls are very weak against cosmetics. In case of direct contact, clean the pearls at once--in this case with a moist cloth--and wipe dry as usual.

5) Store pearls in a dark place.

Pearls do not do well under bright light, be it direct sunlight or fluorescent light. They will discolor in a matter of hours, so please take care to keep them in a case or drawer, safely out of the light.

The above five points cover the vital aspects of pearl care. One last thing to remember: it would be well to change the strings of pearl necklaces once every three years. The strings weaken over time regardless of wear; this simple preventative measure will set your mind at ease.

Yokota Pearls is pleased to perform this service for local customers. Simply bring your pearl accessories to our store for a consultation. For our overseas customers, we are happy to answer any questions regarding maintenance. Please contact us anytime with inquiries.