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本真珠専門店 ヨコタパール

We are a company located in Kobe, Japan, exporting Akoya, Tahitian Black and South Sea cultured pearls.

あこや真珠 本真珠専門店ヨコタパール

In the general meaning, pearls look like black are called "Black Pearl". But there are 2 types of Black Pearl. One is dyed black pearl. This may be freshwater pearl or Akoya pearl. The other is Tahitian Black Pearls cultivating with Black-Lipped Oyster in French Polynesia.

Tahitian Black Pearls are basically not dyed.

Yokota Pearls use the word "Black Pearl" only in case of the pearl is Tahitian Black Pearl.

Black Pearls features large sizes, variety of mysterious colors, and deep radiance.

Why Black Pearl is larger than Akoya Pearl is that the mother of pearl is larger than Akoya's.

Black Lipped Oyster has Red, Green, and Yellow pigments. These pigments are mixed and then make the black pearl's various colors.

At this page, we introduce finished products.

As Black Pearl is large, each pearls have their own characteristics. It is difficult to introduce products by only sample photos.

So, the total number of products at this page are not wealth, but we will introduce the actual products one by one once we have got the new one.

Also, as we have a lot of Black Pearl raw materials, made-to-order is also available, feel free to inquire us with your wishes and budget.