South Sea Pearls of Yokota Pearls

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本真珠専門店 ヨコタパール

We are a company located in Kobe, Japan, exporting Akoya, Tahitian Black and South Sea cultured pearls.

南洋真珠 本真珠専門店ヨコタパール

South Sea Pearl is cultivating with Silver-Lipped Oyster.
As the farms are located in Australia, Indonesia etc., this pearl is called "South-Sea Pearl" generally.

South Sea Pearl features its large size. Mainly over 9mm. Some are over 15mm.

Until some years ago, people say South-Sea Pearl does not have good luster, but recently South-Sea Pearl also has good luster close to Akoya Pearls.

South Sea Pearl may be a little gross when comparing Akoya Pearl, however South Sea Pearl has very thick pearl layers, this has the quality to last long.
At this page, we introduce finished products.

As well as Black Pearl, South Sea Pearl is large, each pearls have their own characteristics. It is difficult to introduce products by only sample photos.

So, the total number of products at this page are not wealth, but we will introduce the actual products one by one once we have got the new one.

Also, as we have a lot of South Sea Pearl raw materials, made-to-order is also available, feel free to inquire us with your wishes and budget.